1000 days of Elevate

Today is my 1000 th day play­ing Ele­vate.

Elevate Session HighlightsElevate Milestones

I broke the streak once in June 2016, not because I slacked but because I was stuck on the dat­ed iPhone 4 run­ning on dat­ed iOS 7 on which the Ele­vate app was slow and crashed repeat­ed­ly. I was also trav­el­ing and did­n’t have reli­able inter­net. I could­n’t let all this break my 610 day streak at that point. So once I am on the reli­able phone and inter­net, I com­plet­ed a hand­ful of games ret­ro­spec­tive­ly to fix the streak. And of course, play­ing Ele­vate is a fun way to improve vocab­u­lary and math skills lit­tle bit every­day.

Here are the ear­li­er mile­stones.


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