I turned 33 two days ago. I am sat­is­fied with my life so far and am grate­ful for every­thing I have.

The weath­er Gods in India are coop­er­at­ing with us nice­ly. The heat waves have cooled down just in time for our vis­it.

Between mov­ing iPhones and time­zones, I lost my 610 day long Ele­vate streak. That’s OK.

My broth­er taught me how to dri­ve a man­u­al car. I drove around a bit on the Indi­an roads; a skill I thought I could nev­er learn. It took two hours to learn how to shift gears with­out stop­ping the engine. I drove four days with my broth­er in the front seat until I felt con­fi­dent to dri­ve by myself. So I feel good to learn some­thing new and scary.


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  1. […] the 800 day streak on Ele­vate today. Between mov­ing the phones and trav­el­ing, I lost the streak in June. So I used the cheat to restore the streak and nev­er missed a day ever since. […]

  2. […] broke the streak once in June 2016, not because I slacked but because I was stuck on the dat­ed iPhone 4 run­ning on dat­ed iOS 7 on […]

  3. I lost my streak!! How do I restore it?! I was around 100 🙁

    1. Chaitanya Avatar

      Change date on the phone to that date you lost streak, kill Ele­vate app and start it again.

      1. Thank you so much!!!

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