Personal Hotspot on Idea Cellular 3G

Hooray! I just made the Per­son­al Hotspot on my old iPhone 4 work­ing by fol­low­ing the instruc­tions in this Apple Com­mu­ni­ty thread. Now I have inter­net in this place I am going to spend the next two weeks.

I am on Idea Cel­lu­lar 3G and their cus­tomer care isn’t help­ful in help­ing me set­up Per­son­al Hotspot. They made me go back and forth between their don­gle and 3G sup­port phone num­bers. Each of the reps told me to con­tact the oth­er. I clear­ly did not do a good job of explain­ing what a Per­son­al Hotspot is.

Fed up, I googled for idea cel­lu­lar per­son­al hotspot in the phone and the first result is the afore­men­tioned Apple Com­mu­ni­ty thread. Except that in my iPhone 4 run­ning iOS 7.1.2, I had to go to Set­tings > Mobile > Mobile Data Net­work. I then entered inter­net in the APN field under Mobile Data and Per­son­al Hotspot sec­tions. User­name and Pass­word fields can remain blank.

Thanks uday­manoj!


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