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  • 37

    Seven days ago I turned thirty-seven. I took the day off in lieu for working the previous Saturday. My wife took off from her work too. My wife and son surprised me with a couple of gifts, one of which is my favourite organic dark chocolate from a local co-op. Given the current world events, […]

  • 35

    I turned 35 today. I am happy, content and grateful for everything I have in my life. I have some habits to continue, ambitions to pursue, and dreams to realize. But right now, at this point in my life, I don’t wish my life be any different. I have enough. And what a great feeling […]

  • Happy 15th, WordPress!

    Happy 15th birthday, WordPress. Great to fly with you for 11 of those years. You are special and unique outlier in the current murky tech world. Keep being awesome!  

  • I turned 33 two days ago. I am satisfied with my life so far and am grateful for everything I have. The weather Gods in India are cooperating with us nicely. The heat waves have cooled down just in time for our visit. Between moving iPhones and timezones, I lost my 610 day long Elevate […]