Exercising enough

I used to won­der if exer­cis­ing only three hours a week is enough. Now I am con­vinced it is.

I exer­cise on Mon­day, Wednes­day and Thurs­day. I train equal­ly hard on all three days. But the after-burn (that nice and mild pain in the mus­cles) of Thurs­day’s ket­tle-bell work­out lasts until Sun­day. So if I push myself hard enough on Thurs­day, the seem­ing­ly long three day break between Thurs­day and the Mon­day allows my body to recov­er from the wor­thy suf­fer­ing.

I some­times dilute the exer­cis­ing gains by mak­ing poor food and sleep choic­es. Although I am aware of it and am mak­ing increas­ing­ly wis­er food choic­es, I am far from eat­ing sen­si­bly. And eight hours of sleep a night con­tin­ues to be elu­sive.

Nev­er­the­less, I am con­vinced qual­i­ty, not quan­ti­ty mat­ters for exer­cis­ing too.


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