I feel sick in my tum­my as I write this.

Both my grand­par­ents, who raised me, are deal­ing with an unfor­tu­nate health con­di­tions. My grand­fa­ther had an eye surgery recent­ly and is recov­er­ing. But my grand­moth­er’s sit­u­a­tion is what is mak­ing me sick.

She was oper­at­ed yes­ter­day as she broke her hip. She was knocked down to the floor by an elec­tric shock while she was try­ing to switch on the water motor.

I spoke to her yes­ter­day on phone just before she was tak­en to the oper­a­tion the­ater. She spoke very briefly in a fee­ble voice that she is going to be oper­at­ed soon. She then hand­ed over the phone to my aunt say­ing she can’t talk any­more.

Now she is in ICU after surgery. The surgery went well but she is suf­fer­ing unbear­able post surgery pain. Doc­tor said this pain is expect­ed after oper­at­ing on such a weak body. But she is find­ing it very dif­fi­cult to cope with the pain.

She also needs some blood and my fam­i­ly are try­ing to find it. Appar­ent­ly to be able to draw some blood from a blood bank, we need to first give the equal amount. My fam­i­ly is try­ing to donate and get some blood in return, as I write this.

She is about 75. She broke her leg once and has to drag one of her legs to be able to walk. The day before yes­ter­day’s mishap aggra­vat­ed her sit­u­a­tion. I felt the help­less­ness in my grand­fa­ther’s voice. They both are sup­posed to reunite at their home after my grand­dad’s eye surgery but fate had oth­er plans.

I am feel­ing ter­ri­ble to see some­thing like this hap­pen­ing not just to one but for both at the same time. And for a sil­ly rea­son. She absolute­ly has no rea­son to turn that damn motor on. There are oth­er peo­ple around who would have done it if she did not both­er her­self. But she is not a kind of per­son who mucks about. And it cost her dear­ly.

Hope­ful­ly this is it and I can’t wait to see them get­ting back on with their sim­ple lives.

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  1. I’m very sor­ry to hear about this. How strange that they have to donate an equal amount of blood to get blood. Is there a short­age in India? Did she have a hip replace­ment oper­a­tion? If so, hip replace­ments are very good and could mean she’ll be able to walk around prop­er­ly again with­out hav­ing to drag a leg. We’re very lucky with the health care sys­tems we have in NZ/Australia/UK.

    1. I don’t know for sure but sounds like there is a short­age of blood.

      My uncle said they man­aged to get the required blood, when I called them last night. Sigh.

      Hope­ful­ly the oper­a­tion helps.

      I real­ize how impor­tant it is to donate blood, which I did only day before yes­ter­day for the sec­ond time this year. And fourth dona­tion so far here.

      Indeed we are lucky to be part of health care in our parts of the world.

      Hope­ful­ly she will be alright soon.

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