My grandmother is recovering and is now out of ICU. Sigh!

I can’t wait to talk to her and see her get back to the routine.


I feel sick in my tummy as I write this.

Both my grandparents, who raised me, are dealing with an unfortunate health conditions. My grandfather had an eye surgery recently and is recovering. But my grandmother’s situation is what is making me sick.

She was operated yesterday as she broke her hip. She was knocked down to the floor by an electric shock while she was trying to switch on the water motor.

I spoke to her yesterday on phone just before she was taken to the operation theater. She spoke very briefly in a feeble voice that she is going to be operated soon. She then handed over the phone to my aunt saying she can’t talk anymore.

Now she is in ICU after surgery. The surgery went well but she is suffering unbearable post surgery pain. Doctor said this pain is expected after operating on such a weak body. But she is finding it very difficult to cope with the pain.

She also needs some blood and my family are trying to find it. Apparently to be able to draw some blood from a blood bank, we need to first give the equal amount. My family is trying to donate and get some blood in return, as I write this.

She is about 75. She broke her leg once and has to drag one of her legs to be able to walk. The day before yesterday’s mishap aggravated her situation. I felt the helplessness in  my grandfather’s voice. They both are supposed to reunite at their home after my granddad’s eye surgery but fate had other plans.

I am feeling terrible to see something like this happening not just to one but for both at the same time. And for a silly reason. She absolutely has no reason to turn that damn motor on. There are other people around who would have done it if she did not bother herself. But she is not a kind of person who mucks about. And it cost her dearly.

Hopefully this is it and I can’t wait to see them getting back on with their simple lives.