Quitting coffee

I did pretty well last month learning to stop drinking coffee.

I had only one small coffee in all of May. This is a significant slash given I was having one coffee every workday.

It wasn’t too difficult to give up coffee, partly because I am not a coffee addict. But I had few urges. Once I even walked halfway to the coffee machine but recalled my claim and returned.

I also found a great post -guess Universe conspired to help me- on my twitter feed titled Everything You Need To Know About How and Why To Quit Caffeine which helped a bit.

I will still drink coffee but mindfully and occasionally, not compulsively.

While all this is good, I am having challenges sticking to the larger goal of which this is only a part. That’s for another post.



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  1. Is it ok to drink decaf coffee? I drink tea but try to limit the number of cups to three per day. I love tea.

    1. I am trying not to put anything into my body that is not needed for survival. So decaf is not allowed as well. This is turning out be to very challenging but I am getting better.

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