Google Photos

I wished only three things in a pho­tos app:

  1. Auto upload cam­era roll includ­ing videos
  2. Unlim­it­ed stor­age
  3. Free

Today this wish became true. Google released Pho­tos app that ticks all three box­es.

Like every­one’s, my cam­era roll has pre­cious mem­o­ries on it which I keep push­ing to cloud reg­u­lar­ly. But I only have a lim­it­ed stor­age space across all the cloud ser­vices. My cur­rent go to pho­tos app is Flickr. It allows 1 TB of free space. It is good except that it does­n’t upload videos.

It looks like Google Pho­tos is every­thing I want­ed in a pho­to stor­age ser­vice. I know that Google is not doing any char­i­ty. But I am hap­py to let them use my pho­tos and data in return for secur­ing my life­time mem­o­ries. I am not fanat­i­cal about pri­va­cy. I believe there is no harm if Google send some ads my way. That is per­fect­ly okay for me.

The joy of reliv­ing years worth of pho­tos should only be expe­ri­enced. It shows how you and peo­ple close to you have evolved. This is what gets me excit­ed about this app.

How do you man­age your pho­tos?


2 responses to “Google Photos”

  1. Thanks for writ­ing about this, I’ll check it out for sure and prob­a­bly use it, too. I don’t mind pay­ing with ads sent my way at all, but I’ve become a bit wary of google. They’ve start­ed a lot of ser­vices oth­er providers had, then peo­ple got used to them, and they took it away. I’m not putting any­thing on google I can’t do with­out. My impor­tant per­son­al things don’t go to any cloud, they go on back­up disks. I use Macs, and time machine is easy, pain­less, and works well. Exter­nal dri­ves aren’t all that expen­sive any more.

    1. That’s a fair con­cern. I trust cloud than any hard­ware.

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