Google Photos

I wished only three things in a photos app:

  1. Auto upload camera roll including videos
  2. Unlimited storage
  3. Free

Today this wish became true. Google released Photos app that ticks all three boxes.

Like everyone’s, my camera roll has precious memories on it which I keep pushing to cloud regularly. But I only have a limited storage space across all the cloud services. My current go to photos app is Flickr. It allows 1 TB of free space. It is good except that it doesn’t upload videos.

It looks like Google Photos is everything I wanted in a photo storage service. I know that Google is not doing any charity. But I am happy to let them use my photos and data in return for securing my lifetime memories. I am not fanatical about privacy. I believe there is no harm if Google send some ads my way. That is perfectly okay for me.

The joy of reliving years worth of photos should only be experienced. It shows how you and people close to you have evolved. This is what gets me excited about this app.

How do you manage your photos?

2 responses to “Google Photos”

  1. Thanks for writing about this, I’ll check it out for sure and probably use it, too. I don’t mind paying with ads sent my way at all, but I’ve become a bit wary of google. They’ve started a lot of services other providers had, then people got used to them, and they took it away. I’m not putting anything on google I can’t do without. My important personal things don’t go to any cloud, they go on backup disks. I use Macs, and time machine is easy, painless, and works well. External drives aren’t all that expensive any more.

    1. That’s a fair concern. I trust cloud than any hardware.

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