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  • Loving Coffee Again

    I started drinking coffee in August. I had a coffee everyday except Tuesdays. It took a lot of mental energy to continue not drinking coffee. I missed the routine more than caffeine. And I couldn’t find a substitute routine. I tried very hard. I wasted more than fair share of my day’s cognitive budget on […]

  • Quitting Coffee Struggles

    As much as I would love to think that I am not a coffee addict, it looks like I am on the verge of giving up on my attempt to quit coffee. Since deciding to quit coffee in the last week of April, I drank one cup in May, two in June and two so […]

  • Quitting coffee

    I did pretty well last month learning to stop drinking coffee. I had only one small coffee in all of May. This is a significant slash given I was having one coffee every workday. It wasn’t too difficult to give up coffee, partly because I am not a coffee addict. But I had few urges. […]

  • Learning to stop drinking coffee

    After about two years of learning to make and drinking coffee, today is the first day to stop that habit. As a first step, I left my coffee mug at home last night. I would love to drink coffee but it is better I stop needing it every weekday.