Learning to stop drinking coffee

After about two years of learning to make and drinking coffee, today is the first day to stop that habit.

As a first step, I left my coffee mug at home last night.

I would love to drink coffee but it is better I stop needing it every weekday.


3 responses to “Learning to stop drinking coffee”

  1. How come you want to give up coffee? I don’t think a cup of coffee a day is a bad for you.

    1. One cup of coffee is not bad but I am moving towards eating only three meals a day plus water and nothing else. Stopping coffee is a tiny steps towards this grand ambition 🙂

      Ironically I gobbled 4 Lindt balls after my third meal. But otherwise I ate pretty well today.

  2. […] did pretty well last month learning to stop drinking coffee. I had only one small coffee in all of May. This is a significant slash given I was having one […]

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