Facebook iPhone app user experience sucks

Dear Face­book,

I installed your app after many months so I can eas­i­ly set one of the pho­tos in my cam­era roll as a cov­er pho­to. This time I hoped to keep you on my iPhone.

How­ev­er I am dis­ap­point­ed that you haven’t stopped infest­ing my feed with “Peo­ple You May Know” list. I under­stand that as a ser­vice provider, you want my social net­work as large as it can be and my pri­va­cy as screwed as pos­si­ble. But when I check my feed I expect to see my, well, feed. Not a list of peo­ple with who I have no inten­tion of shar­ing my feed or per­son­al pho­tos.

You should know that not every user is alike. I am not like many of your users who let lots of peo­ple lurk in their social graph, as you call it. If I am dying to have some­one as my Face­book friend, I can search and add them; your search is pret­ty cool.

I will see you again the day you make user expe­ri­ence your pri­or­i­ty. Until then con­tin­ue rest­ing in the iCloud.

Yours tru­ly.


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