Quitting Coffee Struggles

As much as I would love to think that I am not a cof­fee addict, it looks like I am on the verge of giv­ing up on my attempt to quit cof­fee.

Since decid­ing to quit cof­fee in the last week of April, I drank one cup in May, two in June and two so far in July. In a way I did very well. I cut not only the num­ber of cups and but also their size.

How­ev­er it is prov­ing dif­fi­cult to sus­tain this habit, espe­cial­ly under stress. The few cups that I had are in the clue­less moments when I just need­ed to turn my mind away from the prob­lem I am work­ing on.

I know that progress, not per­fec­tion, mat­ters. And what I do every­day mat­ters more than what I do once in a while. In that sense I am already win­ning. But I must admit that it isn’t easy. I am fine with­out cof­fee most of the days but I am also strug­gling a lot when I am under pres­sure. So I won­der if it is real­ly worth the strug­gle. What if I start drink­ing a tiny sized cup or a black cof­fee a few days a week. May be drink­ing cof­fee is alright if it helps relieve my stress? Why am I even mak­ing a big deal out of this? Why can’t I just drink a cup a day and spare myself of this suf­fer­ing?

Now that I dumped my brain, I feel bet­ter and clear: I am not giv­ing up. At least as yet. Why should I make my tem­po­rary fail­ures per­ma­nent.

I reit­er­ate to myself: I can still drink cof­fee but mind­ful­ly and occa­sion­al­ly, not com­pul­sive­ly.

If you had used any strate­gies to deal with a sim­i­lar sit­u­a­tion, I will be grate­ful if you could share it in the com­ment.


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