Twenty Fourteen, customized.

I somehow love spending best part of my spare time on this blog. I spent lot of time of late, thinking about color schemes and changing them numerous times. I got obsessed over fonts and simplified Twenty Fourteen to what I believe is minimalistic. And yeah, this site is now responsive too. At some stage I will push these customizations to GitHub.

The customizations I did are by no means out of this world.  These changes are primitive  but they are what I would like them to be.

This is the end of first wave of changes. I am going to live with this design for quite some time so that I can move on to do other interesting stuff.

2 am rants

Today I finalized a number of tweaks to this site and pretty much implemented everything I conceived. Among others, I fixed the color scheme, menu style and security (Check that additional tag in the footer).

It is 2:21 am but I am happy I am able to put all my ideas into action in a single sitting rather than over next two days as I initially planned. Although it means I traded my sleep.

Everything is good until I tested the site in iPhone. The header is disarranged in the mobile browser. However iPad seems to render this site okay. It turned out that I screwed up the responsiveness.  But that is for another day to fix. Yawn.

Don’t lose out, workout.

The title of this post is not mine. That is my current read which is the latest title from the India’s sought after sports science and nutrition expert, Rujuta Diwekar.

I am a great admirer and follower of her work. I respect her immensely.  Whatever few good food habits I have are the result of reading her first book, Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight. Whatever little awareness and appreciation I have for exercising are the result of her gentle nudges via her tweets.  Here are some of her tweets I keep referring for I don’t want to lose out.