2 am rants

Today I final­ized a num­ber of tweaks to this site and pret­ty much imple­ment­ed every­thing I con­ceived. Among oth­ers, I fixed the col­or scheme, menu style and secu­ri­ty (Check that addi­tion­al tag in the foot­er).

It is 2:21 am but I am hap­py I am able to put all my ideas into action in a sin­gle sit­ting rather than over next two days as I ini­tial­ly planned. Although it means I trad­ed my sleep.

Every­thing is good until I test­ed the site in iPhone. The head­er is dis­arranged in the mobile brows­er. How­ev­er iPad seems to ren­der this site okay. It turned out that I screwed up the respon­sive­ness. But that is for anoth­er day to fix. Yawn.