Twenty Fourteen, customized.

I some­how love spend­ing best part of my spare time on this blog. I spent lot of time of late, think­ing about col­or schemes and chang­ing them numer­ous times. I got obsessed over fonts and sim­pli­fied Twen­ty Four­teen to what I believe is min­i­mal­is­tic. And yeah, this site is now respon­sive too. At some stage I will push these cus­tomiza­tions to GitHub.

The cus­tomiza­tions I did are by no means out of this world. These changes are prim­i­tive but they are what I would like them to be.

This is the end of first wave of changes. I am going to live with this design for quite some time so that I can move on to do oth­er inter­est­ing stuff.