Don’t sit or stand. Switch.

I [had to sit] sit a lot. I do take breaks and stretch but sometimes, especially when I am working on something interesting, it is difficult to take break and come out of the flow. As a result I end up sitting for prolonged hours. And before sitting consumes my health,  I decided to do something about it.

This morning I checked some online shops  for standing desks and had an interesting experience. One website asked me to register to get my special price. I gave my email id. Few minutes later their email appeared in my inbox. It has a 14 page pdf attached to it of which 12th page has the price I am unwilling to pay. The figure is exclusive of GST, shipping and assembling.

But importantly, I also discovered Meerkat Desk which I think is quite a cool idea. I am impressed by their idea to meet a gap in the market for a cost effective standing desk solution. Their current offering can only take a laptop and a keyboard, which makes it ideal for home use. As they confirmed to me by email, they are currently prototyping a solution that can take two full sized desktop monitors, a keyboard and a mouse.I wish they succeed.

Sure, prolonged sitting is the new age smoking and is bad for health. But so is extended standing. The idea is not to sit or stand but switch regularly.

Meanwhile, I need to find a solution for my workplace that doesn’t cost my employer an arm and a leg. Until then walking, stretching and posture are the way to go.

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