Todoist Karma Enlightenment

Almost three years ago, I moved to Todoist to manage my todos and projects.

Today I am thrilled to receive the following email from Todoist.

I only vaguely know about the Todoist Karma feature. I haven’t taken time to explore the Karma feature as it is related to stats and is tangential to how I use Todoist, but I am pleasantly surprised by this snip of the email I received:

you’ve joined just 0.05% of all Todoist users to ever reach Todoist Karma Enlightenment. You should be incredibly proud of this accomplishment – we sure are!

In celebration of the mind-boggling 20335 tasks you’ve completed, we’ve gone ahead and unlocked one of Todoist’s crowned jewels 👑 [Gold theme].

While it’s flattering to be offered the exclusive theme, I prefer the Graphite theme and intend to continue with it.

I am not foolish to equate the number of completed tasks to productivity. Still, the email certainly made me feel special as I belong to the tiny percentage of Todoist users to ever achieve that number of completed tasks.

I love using Todoist as it helps manage my life and work. I love the app’s clean design and their company’s long-term view (they have No exit strategy). I enjoy reading their WordPress blog ambition & balance on which they publish helpful posts about remote work, writing and productivity. Especially, the post titled No Kings: How Do You Make Good Decisions Efficiently in a Flat Organization? is one of my favorite posts.

Looking forward to many more years of organizing my life with Todoist.

About Todoist Karma

I just looked up the Karma feature. As their help page says:

As you successfully complete tasks on time in Todoist, you’ll gain Karma points and achieve new Karma levels.

I just checked the Karma tab in my Todoist to find these:

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