Hello Todoist. Goodbye Wunderlist!

I have been look­ing for Wun­derlist replace­ment since last year. I can feel Wun­derlist is stal­ing. Wun­derlist’s new incar­na­tion, Microsoft To-Do, isn’t mak­ing good progress. It lacks basic fea­tures like sub-projects et al. Giv­en how long it’s been since Microsoft­’s acqui­si­tion of Wun­derlist was announced and the devel­op­ment progress of the To-Do app, I have no hope that To-Do will be worth the wait.

Trel­lo seemed to be a good replace­ment for a bit, but on look­ing deep­er, Trel­lo is a great project man­age­ment tool, but not so much a to-do list. Sure, I can tweak Trel­lo’s boards with check­lists, but that’s tak­ing one tool and mak­ing it work for some­thing that it is not designed for. I pre­fer to avoid such hacks where pos­si­ble. Sor­ry, Davor!

As luck would have it, I recent­ly learned that Doist’s blog has moved to Word­Press. While read­ing their beau­ti­ful and min­i­mal­ly designed blog, I came across this great post titled Why We Don’t Have an Exit Strat­e­gy. That post made me con­fi­dent that Doist is going to be around for a long time if not for­ev­er. (By the way, that’s exact­ly how blog­ging helps spread your mes­sage and grow your busi­ness. So go blog!)

So that helped end my (re)search for the next to-do app. I look for­ward to use Todoist Pre­mi­um for a long time.

Wun­derlist — you have been great while you last­ed. But it’s time for me to move on to green­er pas­tures.

I import­ed my Wun­derlist to-dos and projects to Todoist. I will soon upgrade to Pre­mi­um. I also need to set up some zaps and oth­er work­flows that will take some time, but I should be done with Wun­derlist by the end of this quar­ter.


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