I just shut down my self hosted WordPress,

It is not too long ago that I moved to .org. I learned a bit about how things work in the self-hosted world. But its value to my current mission is little. So I imported my content and deleted it. This action plants some broken links on this blog. I will fix them when I find time.

For the record, this is how many times I moved my blog over the years:

Blogger to to to and to finally

Sigh! One less baggage.

What is permanent in this world, anyway?

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Why blog?

I can’t recall when and how I came across this inspiring clip on blogging. But this is a great reminder to me to blog and write some damn thing here.

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The Infamous ‘Error establishing a database connection’ Error

Last week I backed up my posts and themes and then deleted my test installation on which I developed and tested my other self hosted blog over the last few months.

I did this partly in order to start afresh with WP 4.0 RC1 beta testing. However I encountered the ‘Error establishing a database connection’ Error that prevented the installation. I could not figure how to resolve this and eventually gave up.

I resumed the installation today and saw this error again! Somehow I felt like trying by adding the actual hostname instead of localhost as the value of the Database Host property.

It worked 🙂