Outlook app issues

I final­ly removed the Microsoft Out­look app from my phone. It still keeps freez­ing and get­ting in my way.

The Out­look tech sup­port per­son was kind and offered fur­ther help when I blogged and tweet­ed my trou­bles with the app in Octo­ber.

How­ev­er, I still face this prob­lem with the app. The fre­quent “per­for­mance improve­ments and bug fix­es” in the app’s ver­sion his­to­ry don’t inspire my con­fi­dence. I cap­tured only the lat­est few in the fol­low­ing screen­shot but the same note repeats for many ear­li­er ver­sions.

Ver­sion his­to­ry of Microsoft Out­look iOS app

I have enough demands in my life that I don’t want to spend any time to unin­stall, rein­stall, and con­fig­ure my email accounts, and set up my pref­er­ences.

I just want a sim­ple app that lets me check my email on my phone with as lit­tle effort as pos­si­ble, so I can move on to deal with oth­er chal­leng­ing aspects of my life.

Out­look app is not fit­ting this bill any­more. So I sim­ply unin­stalled the app and rein­stalled the iOS Mail app.

That’s the bru­tal real­i­ty of life. And I say this as a tech sup­port per­son myself. It helps me empathise with the prob­lems my cus­tomers face with the tech­nol­o­gy I sup­port.

Unin­stalling and rein­stalling is not as easy as it sounds on the sur­face. It costs time and effort that can’t always be jus­ti­fied. It is much quick­er and eas­i­er to switch to an alter­na­tive app like I did. It helps to remem­ber this fact and acknowl­edge it before dis­pens­ing this seem­ing­ly benign and com­mon advice to cus­tomers.

It’s not the cus­tomers’ job to help trou­bleshoot prob­lems with the tech­nol­o­gy they have been kind enough to use in a world where they have a lot of choic­es.

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