What’s in your soap?

A few weeks ago I was lis­ten­ing to an episode of the Rework pod­cast titled Lab Week.

At [00:02:23] I heard this:

We three live togeth­er and we just liked try­ing things out and one day we need­ed soap. We kind of looked it up and we’re like, well, how is soap made? And did a lot of research and fig­ured out that a lot of soap is made with ani­mal fats. Beef fat or even pork fat. And it’s not usu­al­ly obvi­ous in the ingre­di­ent list, but there’s like sodi­um tal­lowate, which is very com­mon in a lot of mass-pro­duced soaps. And we’re all Mus­lims and we also hap­pen to be veg­an too. And so we just real­ly didn’t like the idea of like rub­bing those ani­mal ingre­di­ents all over our bod­ies.

This nat­u­ral­ly made me curi­ous to check if the soap I rub every­day over my body has this dis­gust­ing ingre­di­ent. I checked today and relieved to find this:

I think it is worth a few min­utes of your time to Google and make sure your soap is free of stuff that you may not want to apply on your body.


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