Weekly 5K runs

Day­light sav­ing time start­ed in New Zealand last Sun­day (29/September) which means, I can no longer wait to run. It is now time to lace-up and run a 5K every week­end.

And that’s what I did last Sat­ur­day: I ran a 5K with a bit of nudg­ing from my eight-year-old who also want­ed to run and joined me. Like every year, I intend to run a 5K most of the week­ends until come March / April when days start get­ting short­er.

Last Sat­ur­day’s run felt effort­less over­all. We stopped a few times to catch up with our breath. Son was under­stand­ably gasp­ing, but I felt okay over­all. At no point dur­ing the run I felt like I was dying. I will assess after a few more runs — I want to be able to run 5K non-stop in sub 30 min­utes — and if I am not huff­ing and puff­ing enough, I will add up anoth­er kilo-metre or two.

This year I am going to leave the phone at home when I go for runs. In the past, I car­ried my phone to log the stats and map of my runs. But car­ry­ing a phone is clum­sy and I want to stay away from my phone at least for the lit­tle time I am run­ning. Until I am able to jus­ti­fy a Garmin Fore­run­ner by actu­al­ly run­ning with­out it, I want to base the effec­tive­ness of my runs on how I feel and the time elapsed between leav­ing and return­ing to my front door.

Wish me good luck!


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  1. Good luck bro 👍

    1. Chaitanya Avatar

      Thank you bro!

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