Tag: summer

  • Weekly 5K runs

    Daylight saving time started in New Zealand last Sunday (29/September) which means, I can no longer wait to run. It is now time to lace-up and run a 5K every weekend. And that’s what I did last Saturday: I ran a 5K with a bit of nudging from my eight-year-old who also wanted to run […]

  • Avocado Toast

    I am not sure why I did not realize yet, but I became an appreciator of avocado toast! Glad that I realized it just before the harvest season for Hass avocados (the main variety of avocados in New Zealand), September to April. Yet another reason to look forward to spring and then summer!

  • “Man, this weather sucks. This doesn’t feel like summer at all.” “Looks like you have nothing else to worry about than the weather.” I am never going to complain about the weather. Never.