Elevate milestone

I reached 401 day long streak on Ele­vate today. I was at 101 last time when I wrote about this cool edu­ca­tion­al app.

Ele­vate com­bines two of my pas­sions: delib­er­ate prac­tice and build­ing tiny habits. This is what makes me reach out to Ele­vate as soon as I wake up every morn­ing.

It hurts to break a habit streak. Espe­cial­ly, when it only takes about five min­utes a day to build it. It total­ly sucked when I broke the streak twice, once around 30 days and the oth­er at 52 days. Luck­i­ly, I am yet to miss a day since. Until I break the streak again, I will say that it is easy to build streaks on tiny habits :). Touch­wood!

Com­plet­ing three games dai­ly takes about five min­utes. It is easy to do, it is also easy not to do, as I recall a note from the fourth chap­ter of The Slight Edge. It usu­al­ly takes anoth­er five to sev­en min­utes to score per­fect games. So it only takes at most fif­teen min­utes to make the day count and score per­fect games. Every­one has fif­teen min­utes. There are no excus­es real­ly. I think this is what has helped me get going.

Fol­low­ing are my stats and Ele­vate Pro­fi­cien­cy Quo­tient (EPQ). I love how both the app’s design and my EPQ have evolved over time. I did not improve in lis­ten­ing because I always skipped lis­ten­ing games.


Now that I cel­e­brat­ed the 400-day mile­stone by writ­ing about it, 500, here I come.

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