Book Review: Delivering Happiness

Last week I fin­ished read­ing Deliv­er­ing Hap­pi­ness book by Tony Hsieh. The book has also has its own resource­ful web­site.

I work in Cus­tomer Sup­port and plan to advance my career in this area because I love learn­ing things, solv­ing prob­lems, and help­ing peo­ple. So read­ing this book made per­fect sense.

Most of this book is about Tony’s per­son­al entre­pre­neur­ial sto­ry lead­ing to the acqui­si­tion of Zap­pos by, empha­sis­ing com­pa­ny cul­ture and its impor­tance. The action-ori­ent­ed tiny chap­ter at the end got my think­ing hat on and artic­u­late what hap­pi­ness means to me per­son­al­ly. I did that exer­cise but am not yet ready to share my hap­pi­ness plan pub­licly. But this was an excit­ing exer­cise to do.

The wow­ing cus­tomers part par­tic­u­lar­ly res­onat­ed with me. I would be cheeky if I claimed that I wow my cus­tomers all the time. But I try my best and be as close as pos­si­ble to the utopia. So this wow­ing thing did not feel for­eign to me. For any busi­ness that intends to be rel­e­vant, I can’t think of any­thing else that can take prece­dence over delight­ing cus­tomers.

Tak­ing a cue from the book, I pinged one of the Zap­pos cus­tomer sup­port team to check if they ship to New Zealand. I real­ly felt like order­ing some­thing, if they can ship. But it seems down under is too far for Zap­pos to ship their “Hap­pi­ness Box”. How­ev­er, as I read in the book, the cus­tomer ser­vice rep offered me a vis­it to Zap­pos facil­i­ties in Las Vegas. If I ever vis­it Vegas, I will remem­ber Zap­pos and would be glad to vis­it their facil­i­ties and under­stand their cul­ture first-hand.

As an aside, I made a list of some com­pa­nies I admire call their cus­tomer-fac­ing teams. So far, I have list­ed Cus­tomer Sup­port, Cus­tomer Expe­ri­ence, Cus­tomer Hap­pi­ness, Cus­tomer Suc­cess, Cus­tomer Loy­al­ty, Cus­tomer Care, Cus­tomer Ser­vice and Cus­tomer Excel­lence. I would be glad to know if you know any oth­er names that can be added to this list.

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  1. Thanks for rec­om­mend­ing it, I was look­ing for some inspi­ra­tion about what to read this week­end!

    1. You won’t be dis­ap­point­ed 🙂

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