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  • Books I read in 2021

    Here is the modest list of books I read in 2021.

  • Reading books: quality over quantity

    Out of the 11 books in my this year’s reading list, I already read five books in the last few years and some just the last year: What I learned by losing a million dollars. The Psychology of Money. Atomic Habits. Style: the basics of clarity and grace. The Customer Service Survival Kit. I am […]

  • Mini book review – Better Than Before

    Last month I read Gretchen Rubin‘s book on habits titled Better than Before. Thanks to Tony at for sending a free copy of this book. I received it in March and I finally got to read it in June. This book is based on the premise that everyone is different. So there is no […]

  • Book Review: The Ghost of My Father

    I read Scott Berkun‘s latest book The Ghost of My Father. It is a memoir about Berkun’s failed relationship with his father. Given I am a father, the theme sounded interesting. So I hoped to buy and enqueue this book to my current reading list. However Berkun tweeted: Do you subscribe to my newsletter? If […]

  • Book Review: Delivering Happiness

    Last week I finished reading Delivering Happiness book by Tony Hsieh. The book has also has its own resourceful website. I work in Customer Support and plan to advance my career in this area because I love learning things, solving problems, and helping people. So reading this book made perfect sense. Most of this book […]