I read Scott Berkun‘s latest book The Ghost of My Father. It is a memoir about Berkun’s failed relationship with his father. Given I am a father, the theme sounded interesting. So I hoped to buy and enqueue this book to my current reading list. However Berkun tweeted:

I subscribed with a feeling that he might giveaway this book. And he did, indeed. So to return his favour, I started reading as soon as I received the book.

This memoir gave me an interesting perspective on people. As this is an intimate personal story of the author I love to read, I am keeping my opinions of the characters in the book, to myself. I felt awful to learn what Berkun had to go through in his childhood. I am glad that he became what he is today despite the hardships in his childhood. My respect from him grew manifold.

I strongly recommend this book to dads and mums out there. This books is by no means a parenting handbook but it gently teaches how not to treat our children. Witty yet thoughtful Berkun’s writing style will inform and entertain at the same time. I thank Berkun for his willingness to share his intimate personal story with the world and thereby providing us useful insights on family and relationships.

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