Chaitu n Sailu

Realizing our first dream-Chaitu n Sailu.

(There was our wedding photo in this post originally, but I removed it for privacy reasons.)

Month Of March-2007 In My Life

March month of 2007 is very memorable in my life.

29th day of this month was when I realized one of the most important dreams of my life. yes I got married to Sailu on that very day.

I didnt find time to blog in that month.

First 15 days , I spent dreaming about visiting Sailu on 17th and was busy working from BT office.

On 16th I left BT office by 7 to catch 9-15 Infy bus to Marathahalli.

On 17th , I went to Hyderabad [ My first flight ( GoAir) after I missed SpiceJet on 28th of Jan ] and disappointed to see Sailu suffering from Chicken pox. I shopped for my marriage that evening at Lifestyle.

18th, I spent time with Sailu and met Sudhakar, Gopi,Subbu, Srinivas, Chinni at Anupama for lunch, went to watch Okkadunnadu movie and then came home by evening.

19th, I flew back to Bangalore, bought Suit and Sherwani at BF.

20th, 21st and 22nd I continued going to BT office.

23rd I bunked BT office to pack my luggage and complete my pending chores.That niht I caught Cab to Airport and went to catch SpiceJet Hyderabad flight. Happy to get that ticket for 99 paise and very happy about leaving for marriage and very ver yhappy that filght took off on time!

24th, I was in Hyderabad Airport , sleepless but didnt bother much as I was in very very happy mood. Caught Air Deccan flight to Rajahmundry. Very very surprised to see Air Deccan flight taking off on time. Surprised to see the pathetic condition of Rajahmundry Airport.

25th was my groom-making day. Enjoyed every moment of that day.All our relatives started coming to our home.

26th , 27th went normal. People busy in marriage arrangements and me busy talking on phone with Sailu.

28th was Sailu’s bride-making day.

29th was our MARRIAGE DAY. A very very special and unique day in the lives of Chaitu n Sailu. The dream which we started dreaming from October 18 2006 was realized on that day.
I felt very happy. That was the end of all the hardships we faced, all the worries we had about our marriage , all the cryings and all the doubts we had disappeared officially on that day.

30th and 31st also went very well as we were new couple and everyone was tearting us in a regal manner.

That was March of 2007 for me!

Engagement and Aftermath

Got engaged 2 weeks back on 4th Feb 07.

It got preponed from 7th march 07 due to my probable onsite travel.

All are happy and it’s been memorable for us both!

Marriage date has been fixed as 29th March and am busy pooling money.

Leaving Trivandrum

This is my last post from my home internet connection connection in Trivandrum. Am leaving Trivandrum on day after tomorrow i.e on Thursday 25 th January 2007.

Feeling nostalgic but still have to move on 🙁

CheckPoint 1- Resolutions 2007


Yet To Start
Currently Working
Done with Flying Colors

One: Increase financial aptitude.

Two: Start investing and saving (and hence Tax planning).

Three: Learn disciplined spending.

Four: Learn XML related technologies and take one external certification on XML.

Five: Take SCWCD certification.

Six: Read Wren and Martin High School Grammar book. There is a lot of room for improvement of my English grammar 🙂

Seven: Read, Read and Read. Lots of general books are pending.

Eight: Complete ‘Think without Ink’ book

Nine: Learn to drive bike comfortably in traffic with pillion rider. U know, I can go above 100 if I m the only one on the road 🙂

Ten: Just mind my own business.Dont waste time by involving in unnecessary matters and issues. Just be focused on my goals and aspirations.

Eleven: Complete OCP SQL

Twelve: Learn Ant

Thirteen: Complete How To Read Better and Faster book

Most enjoyed New Year Night…

Yesterday night [31-december-2006] was the most enjoyed new year night I have ever spent in my life till now.Thank you for partenering with me to make this happen.Thank you very much.The happiness will only multiply in our lives effective this year.I promise you my dear

Two key missing prerequisites to reach my ‘Should-be’ state


The two key elements which I lack or rather I would say, I often fail to persevere in most of the tasks I take up on my own.

I had applied them many times but still am failing to exploit them to my fullest advantage.

In fact I used to apply them earlier in my life and even very recently I applied them in one of the two important areas of my life to accomplish one of the most important missions of my life. And I accomplished it with flying colors. But still there is one more. only one more area where I have to apply them to prove myself what I am.

This is one of my new year resolutions as well.

So I am waiting for nothing. Am going to start off right away to accomplish the much aspired goals and to reap the much awaited benefits.