Apple’s iWork suite is free now.

Today I had to access only to be pleas­ant­ly sur­prised that it got a cool new flat look that is inline with iOS 7. That is not the only thing I found amus­ing. Once I logged in, I noticed icons for beta ver­sions of Pages, Num­bers and Keynote which are col­lec­tive­ly known as iWork. I don’t know how long will Apple keep iWork for free for cur­rent Apple users but it is great that they are avail­able right now to use. Usu­al­ly Pages, Keynote and Num­bers are each $13.99 NZD.

About 9 months ago I chose not to spend a third of my new lap­top’s cost to buy Microsoft Office for my per­son­al use. I explored var­i­ous free alter­na­tives to Office suite. I did try Office 365 which is cloud based and got awe­some flat look with sharp cor­ners. How­ev­er Office 365 is not free beyond 30 days. So I cur­rent­ly rely on OpenOf­fice which is good for basic use but can’t real­ly say it is a great soft­ware. And so is Google Dri­ve where I main­tain few spread­sheets.

Giv­en this back­ground, I wel­come Apple mak­ing its Office coun­ter­part avail­able at no cost to Apple users, new and cur­rent (though cur­rent users have to wait until next upgrade). It is a no-brain­er, this move is going to put pres­sure on Microsoft Office for Tablets. I think this is a threat specif­i­cal­ly, for Win­dows Tablets.

To me, Tim Cook announc­ing that Apple is now offer­ing iWork, iPho­to and iMovie avail­able free of cost to all new iOS cus­tomers has been one of the inter­est­ing tid­bits in the recent Apple event that intro­duced iPhone 5C and 5S. I believe giv­ing away util­i­ty soft­ware for free makes Apple users- new and cur­rent- a degree or two more hap­pi­er. I nev­er had sec­ond thought belong­ing to the Walled Gar­den. It’s real beau­ti­ful inside. Jump in.


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