Apple’s iWork suite is free now.

Today I had to access only to be pleasantly surprised that it got a cool new flat look that is inline with iOS 7. That is not the only thing I found amusing. Once I logged in, I noticed icons for beta versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote which are collectively known as iWork. I don’t know how long will Apple keep iWork for free for current Apple users but it is great that they are available right now to use. Usually Pages, Keynote and Numbers are each $13.99 NZD.

About 9 months ago I chose not to spend a third of my new laptop’s cost to buy Microsoft Office for my personal use. I explored various free alternatives to Office suite. I did try Office 365 which is cloud based and got awesome flat look with sharp corners. However Office 365 is not free beyond 30 days. So I currently rely on OpenOffice which is good for basic use but can’t really say it is a great software. And so is Google Drive where I maintain few spreadsheets.

Given this background, I welcome Apple making its Office counterpart available at no cost to Apple users, new and current (though current users have to wait until next upgrade).  It is a no-brainer, this move is going to put pressure on Microsoft Office for Tablets. I think this is a threat specifically, for Windows Tablets.

To me, Tim Cook announcing that Apple is now offering iWork, iPhoto and iMovie available free of cost to all new iOS customers has been one of the interesting tidbits in the recent Apple event that introduced iPhone 5C and 5S. I believe giving away utility software for free makes Apple users- new and current- a degree or two more happier. I never had second thought belonging to the Walled Garden. It’s real beautiful inside. Jump in.



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