The Next iPad

I had to let go of 4 iPads.

iPad 1 was too basic to jus­ti­fy the cost. I almost bought iPad 2 if not for the lack of reti­na dis­play. iPad 3 sport­ed a reti­na dis­play but my funds were engaged else­where. I exer­cised a bit of delayed grat­i­fi­ca­tion with iPad 4.

I think that’s enough of delay before grat­i­fi­ca­tion so I can’t wait more for next iPad. So when I saw a tweet point­ing to this sto­ry on All Things D, I was delight­ed. I am hope­ful that Apple will host an iPad event in next few weeks.

Besides being thin­ner, lighter and faster than cur­rent iPad, I expect Apple will port some of the flag­ship fea­tures of iPhone 5S into next gen­er­a­tion iPad. I am specif­i­cal­ly hop­ing for Touch ID , 64-bit chip archi­tec­ture and bet­ter lens­es on front and rear. And not to men­tion, iWork, iPho­to and iMovie which are free on all new iOS devices. This fea­ture line­up sounds very excit­ing. There has nev­er been a bet­ter time to own an iPad.



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