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  • Gutted

    I feel sick in my tummy as I write this. Both my grandparents, who raised me, are dealing with an unfortunate health conditions. My grandfather had an eye surgery recently and is recovering. But my grandmother’s situation is what is making me sick. She was operated yesterday as she broke her hip. She was knocked […]

  • Exercising enough

    I used to wonder if exercising only three hours a week is enough. Now I am convinced it is. I exercise on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. I train equally hard on all three days. But the after-burn (that nice and mild pain in the muscles) of Thursday’s kettle-bell workout lasts until Sunday. So if I […]

  • Loving Coffee Again

    I started drinking coffee in August. I had a coffee everyday except Tuesdays. It took a lot of mental energy to continue not drinking coffee. I missed the routine more than caffeine. And I couldn’t find a substitute routine. I tried very hard. I wasted more than fair share of my day’s cognitive budget on […]

  • Unsubscribe, Unfollow, Unread, Unfriend, Unplug.

    One thing I started appreciating after becoming a dad is the value of time. Like many dads, being the best possible hands on dad is non-negotiable to me. You don’t need a lot of money to be a good parent but you certainly need a lot of time and patience, things money can’t buy. However, […]

  • 2014 in the hindsight

    2014 has been a great year for me with few exceptions. I did not have any grand resolutions to start with. I instead chose to intensify the tiny habits method I stumbled upon in 2013. As a self-reminder, I forked some markup on Codecademy and created a three point manifesto for myself. I think I […]

  • Remembering Infosys

    Ten years ago on this day I received one of the most anticipated emails of my life: the job offer letter from my first employer, Infosys [NASDAQ:INFY]. I was waiting for the outcome of the interview and I knew they’d email me the outcome. I was very keen so I could not wait more for […]

  • Microsoft Mouse II

    My first wireless mouse – which I bought together with my first laptop in the September of 2006 – has finally died after working relentlessly for more than 7 years. It seems its circuitry finally gave up. I could not be more impressed by its mileage. So on the weekend I picked up a new […]

  • Meeting Matt Mullenweg

    Today is one of the most important days in my life because today Matt Mullenweg happens to be in the town on his last day of Asia , Australia and New Zealand speaking tour. So I got a chance to hear Matt speaking live and shake hands with him. It is cool because Matt is […]

  • Strawberry Picking

    This summer we hoped to visit strawberry farms around the city to experience PYO ( pick-your-own). Although we don’t particularly like eating strawberries, we figured it would be a good outing doing something fun with our little one.  So I searched for any farms that are offering PYO around the city. Google suggested a couple […]

  • My first talk to Siri

    Wish I could talk more but was too much worried that Siri might not understand my thick Indian accent.