Broken meditation streak

Last night I broke 234 day long med­i­ta­tion streak in

While it is unfor­tu­nate that I could not find even ten min­utes to medi­ate yes­ter­day, there is a bright side. I engrossed in some­thing impor­tant and lost track of time. That’s mind­ful­ness, isn’t it? 

By the time I real­ized, it was six min­utes to twelve in the night. I could have med­i­tat­ed two min­utes — my usu­al is ten min­utes — just to keep the streak alive, but I saw no point.

Although I need to start from square one, I think progress mat­ters more than streak and per­fec­tion. So I am not feel­ing too bad.


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