First 5k of 2017

I final­ly ran the first 5k of this sea­son! I intend to run a 5k every week­end for rest of the spring and sum­mer. I ran about twen­ty-five 5ks in 2015. But I did not run much in 2016. This year I try to do bet­ter again.

My run­ning goal is mod­est: I just try to run a 5k each week­end. I start run­ning around this time in Octo­ber when days start get­ting longer and weath­er warmer. I stop run­ning around March when days start get­ting short­er and wet­ter.

I can prob­a­bly run a marathon or even a half of it if I train myself. But I find it hard to make time to train for such lofty goals. There are always oth­er things to do. And I am more of a habits per­son than goals per­son. I don’t think I can run marathons habit­u­al­ly! So I set­tle for a 5k. As much as pos­si­ble, I try to run non-stop and fin­ish with­in twen­ty some­thing min­utes. That’s as ambi­tious as my run­ning gets.

Here’s the Fit­Bit map of my last week­end’s run:

First 5k of 2017


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    1. Thank you C.P.

      All the best for your Octo­ber run­ning and oth­er goals 👍.

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