Learning to write well

Since I started reading English language style guides few years ago, I became critical of the text I see everywhere. 

There’s heaps of imperfect writing everywhere; billboards, public toilets, public transport, and oh yeah, this blog. These are all great learning opportunities to practice the rules I read in the books. 

I’m in the airport shuttle bus now. Luckily the bus is full and I have no seat to sit. I’m standing few seats behind the driver. This notice caught my attention. 

I told myself that if I get a chance to rewrite this notice, I’d rephrase it like this:

For others comfort, please don’t smoke, eat, or drink in this bus. Thank you. 

Fewer and direct words. 

My writing is far from perfect. I write a lot of loose text. But I believe that if I never stop learning from these everyday opportunities, be open to feedback, and don’t become a snob, I can only get better eventually.


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  1. I would say, that the pictures are somehow more illustrative and easier to caught attention. To save words, I would take away the “there is no” completely, and perhaps don’t mention the thanks. From my experience, normal persons don’t require “thanks” for doing normal things, and the others really don’t understand “thanks”. Just my 2 cents….

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