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  • Right skin thickness

    Right skin thickness

    All I can say is that writers of all ages should stay away from the extremes of hypersensitivity-to-feedback and obliviousness-to-feedback. Seek out wise criticism. Reserve time in your week for the regret that comes with getting things wrong. I promise the feeling will go away, and something else will appear in its place, which is […]

  • Learning to write well

    Since I started reading English language style guides few years ago, I became critical of the text I see everywhere.  There’s heaps of imperfect writing everywhere; billboards, public toilets, public transport, and oh yeah, this blog. These are all great learning opportunities to practice the rules I read in the books.  I’m in the airport […]

  • Importance of journaling

    Last ten days have been a bit gloomy for me. I am slowly feelingĀ better. What has helped me is putting my thoughts down in a 960-word essay on what is bothering me and how I intend to deal with it. I wrote my post in the morning. Incidentally, Scott Berkun, one of the writers I […]

  • Sharing versus lurking

    Are you actively sharing or passively lurking? I encourage people to find themselves in the former group because sharing is a great thing. It doesn’t matter what you share as long as it is your authentic content. A blog, a tweet, a speech, or a photo. Anything that you created. It doesn’t have to be […]

  • Practice, practice and more practice.

    Writing is a skill. As with any skill, writing improves with practice. But practice is inconvenient and hence it is hard to persevere. Which is the reason why I keep putting off writing. But all the greatest and latest advice I get can be summed up to two words: Just write. Which is what I […]

  • And so I write.

    I love writing. It is creative to play with words. I don’t aspire to be a professional writer though. I want to be articulate. I want to write with correct grammar, spelling and punctuation. I intend to master the principles of a great prose. Why? Because writing allows me to cement my thoughts in time. […]