Practice, practice and more practice.

Writing is a skill. As with any skill, writing improves with practice. But practice is inconvenient and hence it is hard to persevere. Which is the reason why I keep putting off writing. But all the greatest and latest advice I get can be summed up to two words: Just write. Which is what I believe I am doing right now.

Sometimes I wonder what do I want from writing. What will happen as I write, improve and find my rhythm and voice on the page.

I am equally good at instantly identifying great writing and its feckless counterpart. I have a few role models who are both writers, normal people I interact on daily basis and online personalities I follow on various forums. I look everywhere for interesting instances of prose, like billboards, adverts, and basically anywhere and everywhere.

So it is my hope that with regular practice, I will be able to master the use of words to express myself succinctly, effectively, sans language errors  and take my writing skill to a level that is as close as possible to the best.