Practice, practice and more practice.

Writ­ing is a skill. As with any skill, writ­ing improves with prac­tice. But prac­tice is incon­ve­nient and hence it is hard to per­se­vere. Which is the rea­son why I keep putting off writ­ing. But all the great­est and lat­est advice I get can be summed up to two words: Just write. Which is what I believe I am doing right now.

Some­times I won­der what do I want from writ­ing. What will hap­pen as I write, improve and find my rhythm and voice on the page.

I am equal­ly good at instant­ly iden­ti­fy­ing great writ­ing and its feck­less coun­ter­part. I have a few role mod­els who are both writ­ers, nor­mal peo­ple I inter­act on dai­ly basis and online per­son­al­i­ties I fol­low on var­i­ous forums. I look every­where for inter­est­ing instances of prose, like bill­boards, adverts, and basi­cal­ly any­where and every­where.

So it is my hope that with reg­u­lar prac­tice, I will be able to mas­ter the use of words to express myself suc­cinct­ly, effec­tive­ly, sans lan­guage errors and take my writ­ing skill to a lev­el that is as close as pos­si­ble to the best.

2 responses to “Practice, practice and more practice.”

  1. I think you write real­ly well but there’s always room for improve­ment and I agree with your sen­ti­ments, that prac­tice makes per­fect.

    1. Thanks for the feed­back, Rachel.

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