Weet-Bix October

I ate Weet-Bix for break­fast every­day in Octo­ber.

Weet-Bix is a high-fiber, low-sug­ar, and low-cost break­fast cere­al wide­ly avail­able in this part of the world. It may not be the health­i­est break­fast but I bet they are health­i­er than most cere­als. I reck­on only rolled oats are health­i­er than Weet-Bix. I like Weet-Bix because they are super sim­ple to make, I can’t eat more than two of them and they feel nice and light in the stom­ach. But like most of the healthy foods, Weet-Bix are bland and taste­less. So I haven’t been eat­ing them as often as I would like and was eat­ing tongue-pleas­ing options like bread with peanut but­ter or nut and seed fla­vored mues­li.

At the end of Sep­tem­ber, I felt I had enough and decid­ed to eat only Weet-Bix for break­fast in Octo­ber. I haven’t done any 30-day exper­i­ment so far this year. So this sound­ed like a good and healthy exper­i­ment.

Here is my break­fast recipe for the last 31 days: Boil lit­tle milk for two min­utes, add two Weet-Bix, and a smat­ter­ing of sun­flower and pump­kin seeds and a few roast almonds. Wait for two min­utes and enjoy!

As a result of this exper­i­ment, I loved Weet-Bix more than ever. So I am hap­py to con­tin­ue eat­ing them.

My four-year old too loves Weet-Bix and eats two of them with milk and some raisins. Hope­ful­ly he will not give in to sug­ary cere­als as he grows up. I will try my best to keep him inter­est­ed in Weet-Bix by eat­ing them myself, which I am more than hap­py to.

What do you eat for break­fast and why?

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  1. “What do you eat for break­fast and why?”
    A slice of sour­dough bread fold­ed over a veg­gie sausage. Why? It’s easy, quick, envi­ron­ment-friend­ly, and tasty.

    1. Sounds yum! I should try a veg­gie sausage some­time.

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