Leveled up in Pushps

I just com­plet­ed the Lev­el 2 Pushp Chal­lenge and signed up for Lev­el 3.

Lev­el 3 helps me do 30 pushups in four weeks. I reached to 30 pushups in the last few days but today, on the last day of Lev­el 2, I had to land on my knees at 28. But the num­bers does­n’t mat­ter much. The aim is to keep prac­tic­ing. So I just signed up for Lev­el 3.

That is 130 days to near­ly 30 pushups. Not too bad.

I also bought this Dead-Sim­ple Exer­cise Plan yes­ter­day to com­ple­ment my three high inten­si­ty exer­cis­es a week. I hope to use this plan on those days I don’t exer­cise.

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