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Making time for learning and goals

We often for­get that any­thing in life takes time. That’s why the first step toward get­ting bet­ter at some­thing is learn­ing how to make time for it. 

Fresh start effect. This psy­cho­log­i­cal phe­nom­e­non makes peo­ple see the begin­ning of a new year (or a new semes­ter, month or even week) as an oppor­tu­ni­ty to dis­tance them­selves from their past fail­ures.

“Yes … damn!” effect, a bias that makes peo­ple wrong­ly believe they will have more time in the future than right now. This is the cog­ni­tive bias respon­si­ble for why so many of us agree to future activ­i­ties like agree­ing to be on a com­mit­tee (“yes”), but then regret it when time comes because we real­ize we don’t have the free time we thought we would (“damn!”).

Why time man­age­ment is the secret to keep­ing New Year’s res­o­lu­tions


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