Dark Mode = OFF

Turned off automatic dark mode on my iPhone after seeing the following tweet. Dark mode didn’t feel right and I think that’s for the reasons explained in the blog post within the tweet.

I prefer Night Shift instead.

Actually, the best way to dark mode is to keep the device screen off after a certain time in the evening!



2 responses to “Dark Mode = OFF”

  1. Interesting. I’d be curious for a real-world study/survey into it (people using dark mode on their phone/computers vs. their productivity) instead of basing things on traditional context, and while I agree that in most bright environments, dark mode can feel straining on the eye, I still prefer dark mode. I keep my environment as dim as possible. I don’t like bright light (including the sun, haha) and so a fully-bright background, even on low brightness, hurts my eyes (not literally, but you get the point!).

    1. Yep, I got you. Dark mode is just not for me.

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