Today is my 15th work anniversary!

Today I feel grate­ful to be able to be employed for fif­teen straight years, start­ing my work jour­ney from the beau­ti­ful Infos­ys Mysore cam­pus which was very much under con­struc­tion at that time.

Today, fif­teen years ago, I walked through this beau­ti­ful entrance of Infos­ys Mysore cam­pus (called ECE). This entrance was still under con­struc­tion at that time.
This mul­ti­plex was­n’t there at that time but we over­heard a globe-like build­ing was going to be built.
One of the pools near the hos­tels.
Infos­ys occu­pied one of the floors in this build­ing named Bha­vani in Technopark, Trivan­drum, Ker­ala.
I worked here for part of 2005 and 2006 before relo­cat­ing to Ban­ga­lore.
The beau­ti­ful pyra­mid build­ing; one of my fave spots on the cam­pus at that time.
Anoth­er view of the pyra­mid.
This foun­tain is one of my fave spots on the cam­pus.
The pool near Lotus food­court.
The amphithe­ater where I have some great mem­o­ries.

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