Today I feel grateful to be able to be employed for fifteen straight years, starting my work journey from the beautiful Infosys Mysore campus which was very much under construction at that time.

Today, fifteen years ago, I walked through this beautiful entrance of Infosys Mysore campus (called ECE). This entrance was still under construction at that time.
This multiplex wasn’t there at that time but we overheard a globe-like building was going to be built.
One of the pools near the hostels.
Infosys occupied one of the floors in this building named Bhavani in Technopark, Trivandrum, Kerala.
I worked here for part of 2005 and 2006 before relocating to Bangalore.
The beautiful pyramid building; one of my fave spots on the campus at that time.
Another view of the pyramid.
This fountain is one of my fave spots on the campus.
The pool near Lotus foodcourt.
The amphitheater where I have some great memories.

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