Don’t fall for marketing emails

Ear­li­er this month I signed up for Gram­marly to improve my writ­ing. I used it for a few weeks, and it seemed like a use­ful app to help me write bet­ter. So I thought of upgrad­ing to Pro but haven’t opened my wal­let.

Then an email appeared on 10 Nov sug­gest­ing me to upgrade for a 40% dis­count but only for the next 48-hours. It was tempt­ing. But I am so used to email mar­ket­ing. So I chose to wait. Then the Last chance: email came on the sec­ond day. I ignored it.

Grammarly promotional email
Gram­marly pro­mo­tion­al email

The upgrade went up to its full price. I was wor­ried and even regret­ted not opt­ing for the 40% dis­count. But I also hoped that if I pre­tend to ignore for a few more weeks, maybe the email mar­ket­ing bot would send me the 40% dis­count email again. So I con­tin­ued to wait.

Last week I received a Black Fri­day dis­count for 55%. This time I did not waste time to upgrade.

Could I have got­ten more dis­count if I wait­ed for more? Who knows? Have I fall­en for mar­ket­ing? Prob­a­bly. But I felt 55% off is a right bal­ance between the price I am pay­ing and the val­ue I think I am get­ting for my mon­ey.

It is anoth­er good reminder for me in this con­sumerist soci­ety to not fall for instant grat­i­fi­ca­tion. Good things gen­er­al­ly come to those who wait.

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