Where would you rather be?

Did you ever wish that you would rather be in a dif­fer­ent place than you are right now? I did.

I think it is nor­mal for all of us to think of some dream­land where every­thing is going to be exact­ly in the way we want. A place that is any­where but where we are right now. And it is often cor­rect.

If some­one gives me the pow­er to trans­port wher­ev­er I want, I know where I will go. It cer­tain­ly won’t be into my past. Not because I hate my past but because my present has always been bet­ter than my past. On that account, I will choose to go into my future. I any­way live so much in the future that I often for­get to live in the present. So if any­one offers me a ride in the time machine, why not go along?

I think liv­ing in the future is a good thing. When you are excit­ed about future, you rank your future self high­er than your cur­rent self. Isn’t this what self-dis­ci­pline and delayed grat­i­fi­ca­tion is all about? If you are so obsessed with present and believe that now is what all you have, then how are you going to visu­al­ize your future and live in way that future self will thank you?

Get­ting excit­ed about your future self will give you hope, which in turn will give you courage and strength to tread your present chal­lenges. Because you then think that present chal­lenges are tem­po­rary and they will even­tu­al­ly pass. They may not real­ly pass but that does­n’t mat­ter. What mat­ters is that you believe in tak­ing action and action is the anti­dote of despair.

So don’t ever feel bad about want­i­ng to be some­where else. It is per­fect­ly nor­mal. Grass may not always be green­er on the oth­er side but it is sure­ly green­er in the future. But don’t hate you present though; appre­ci­ate it and keep work­ing. You will even­tu­al­ly reach your ide­al world.



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