Adventurous Life

You don’t have to jump off the planes or cliffs to be adven­tur­ous. You can also live an adven­tur­ous life by not accept­ing the sta­tus quo, not giv­ing in, not lis­ten­ing to cyn­ics, and not stop­ping to learn.

All it requires is the belief that any­thing you don’t like at any stage in your life can be changed and a dai­ly dose of action to back that belief.

Besides the hard­core stereo­typ­i­cal hero­ics, these oth­er “soft” kind of life adven­tures can also get your adren­a­line rush­ing and give you that sense of achieve­ment.

There is noth­ing sanc­ti­mo­nious about either of them. All it mat­ters is to be adven­tur­ous one way or the oth­er.

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