Tim Cook on privacy at Apple

Read the inter­est­ing mes­sage from Tim Cook on Apple’s stance on pri­va­cy.

I am impressed with the fol­low­ing two para­graphs:

Our busi­ness mod­el is very straight­for­ward: We sell great prod­ucts. We don’t build a pro­file based on your email con­tent or web brows­ing habits to sell to adver­tis­ers. We don’t “mon­e­tize” the infor­ma­tion you store on your iPhone or in iCloud. And we don’t read your email or your mes­sages to get infor­ma­tion to mar­ket to you. Our soft­ware and ser­vices are designed to make our devices bet­ter. Plain and sim­ple.


Final­ly, I want to be absolute­ly clear that we have nev­er worked with any gov­ern­ment agency from any coun­try to cre­ate a back­door in any of our prod­ucts or ser­vices. We have also nev­er allowed access to our servers. And we nev­er will.



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