Iterate until done.

It does not matter whether you fail in achieving your dreams. Failure is inevitable especially if you are aiming for something higher. What matters is whether  you are iterating or not. As long as there are continued efforts backed by refined plans,  achieving any dream is eventual.

I am lucky enough to live three major dreams, all achieved in the last 10 years. Every single one was iterated more than few times.

I am currently working on my next dream and I already failed once.  I am unsure how many more times I will fail given its magnitude. But what I am sure about is, I  will never stop iterating.

2 responses to “Iterate until done.”

  1. Rachel M Avatar

    Keep working on that dream and make it a reality.

  2. trablog Avatar

    All the very best for achieving your dreams 🙂
    Btw are you into computer science and stuff?

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