Iterate until done.

It does not mat­ter whether you fail in achiev­ing your dreams. Fail­ure is inevitable espe­cial­ly if you are aim­ing for some­thing high­er. What mat­ters is whether you are iter­at­ing or not. As long as there are con­tin­ued efforts backed by refined plans, achiev­ing any dream is even­tu­al.

I am lucky enough to live three major dreams, all achieved in the last 10 years. Every sin­gle one was iter­at­ed more than few times.

I am cur­rent­ly work­ing on my next dream and I already failed once. I am unsure how many more times I will fail giv­en its mag­ni­tude. But what I am sure about is, I will nev­er stop iter­at­ing.

2 responses to “Iterate until done.”

  1. Keep work­ing on that dream and make it a real­i­ty.

  2. All the very best for achiev­ing your dreams 🙂
    Btw are you into com­put­er sci­ence and stuff?

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