Why I read what I read

If you look at the Books I Read page on this blog, it is pret­ty clear that I only read non-fic­tion. Fic­tion has no place in my read­ing list.This is not because I hate fic­tion but I need to be judi­cious with my lim­it­ed time. In fact, ear­li­er this year I thought of com­plete­ly stop read­ing even non-fic­tion and focus on pur­su­ing my goals. But then I real­ized I need to main­tain a bal­ance between motion and action.

I pri­mar­i­ly read to learn. And learn­ing is fun. So I pro­pose one can read non-fic­tion as well for fun.

Read­ing takes time. So I’d rather invest my time in read­ing some­thing prac­ti­cal and valu­able that max­i­mizes my return on invest­ment rather than read­ing fic­tion­al dra­ma between some fun­ny char­ac­ters.

Before we part, I encour­age you to read this great post on Medi­um titled How to Read. And then act.

This post is writ­ten in response to today’s Dai­ly Prompt (The Great Divide) on WordPress.com


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