Why I read what I read

If you look at the Books I Read page on this blog, it is pretty clear that I only read non-fiction. Fiction has no place in my reading list.This is not because I hate fiction but I need to be judicious with my limited time. In fact, earlier this year I thought of completely stop reading even non-fiction and focus on pursuing my goals. But then I realized I need to maintain a balance between motion and action.

I primarily read to learn. And learning is fun. So I propose one can read non-fiction as well for fun.

Reading takes time. So I’d rather invest my time in reading something practical and valuable that maximizes my return on investment rather than reading fictional drama between some funny characters.

Before we part, I encourage you to read this great post on Medium titled How to Read. And then act.

This post is written in response to today’s Daily Prompt (The Great Divide) on WordPress.com

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