Meeting Matt Mullenweg

Today is one of the most important days in my life because today Matt Mullenweg happens to be in the town on his last day of Asia , Australia and New Zealand speaking tour. So I got a chance to hear Matt speaking live and shake hands with him. It is cool because Matt is one of my role models.

I have been following and listening to Matt ever since I came across WordPress few years ago. As always, he is thoughtful, witty and down to earth.

It is probably redundant to detail what Matt shared this evening at a free public lecture at Raye Freedman Arts Centre here in Auckland. So I instead point to some blog posts – furleydigitalthreadnz and dialogcrm – that did a great job of detailing Matt’s talk.

There’s cool WordPress swag, shades, Moleskine notebooks and a free copy of The Year Without Pants ebook given away at this event. The twitter hashtag is #wpakl for his talk.

It turned out that I am the only guy who brought the camera to the talk so I clicked as many photos as I could. I wish the photos were of better quality but unfortunately this is not something I can go back and correct.

Also, Matt gave a great interview in Auckland to Josh Janssen as part of Josh Speaking audio show. Josh Speaking with Matt Mullenweg is a great listen.

I treat this amazing experience as a present for my 31st birthday, although the present arrived a day later.

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