Microsoft Mouse II

Microsoft Mouse I.jpgMicrosoft Mouse II

My first wire­less mouse — which I bought togeth­er with my first lap­top in the Sep­tem­ber of 2006 — has final­ly died after work­ing relent­less­ly for more than 7 years. It seems its cir­cuit­ry final­ly gave up. I could not be more impressed by its mileage.

So on the week­end I picked up a new Microsoft Wire­less Mobile Mouse 1000.

It’s inter­est­ing to see the side by side view of both mice that were bought near­ly 8 years apart, from dif­fer­ent parts of the globe. The first one cost ~ INR 1200 in 2006 Sep­tem­ber and the sec­ond one, 135 stale Fly Buys.

Both mice have the same form fac­tor but the cur­rent USB don­gle is dra­mat­i­cal­ly down­sized.  Although I wish the don­gle could be tucked into the mouse, just like the ear­li­er one. I was just clos­ing the com­put­er and had a sec­ond look at the mouse to find the slot next to the bat­tery that takes in the USB don­gle. Sil­ly me!

Microsoft includ­ed a Dura­cell bat­tery to pow­er up this mouse out of the box, which I total­ly unex­pect­ed.



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