Microsoft Mouse II

Microsoft Mouse I.jpgMicrosoft Mouse II

My first wireless mouse – which I bought together with my first laptop in the September of 2006 – has finally died after working relentlessly for more than 7 years. It seems its circuitry finally gave up. I could not be more impressed by its mileage.

So on the weekend I picked up a new Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 1000.

It’s interesting to see the side by side view of both mice that were bought nearly 8 years apart,  from different parts of the globe.  The first one cost  ~ INR 1200 in 2006 September and the second one, 135 stale Fly Buys.

Both mice have the same form factor but the current USB dongle is dramatically downsized.  Although I wish the dongle could be tucked into the mouse, just like the earlier one. I was just closing the computer and had a second look at the mouse to find the slot next to the battery that takes in the USB dongle. Silly me!

Microsoft included a Duracell battery to power up this mouse out of the box, which I totally unexpected.

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